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International Exhibition of Real Estate Development , Decoration , Interior Design and Equipment

From February 2, 2023 to February 4, 2023 | l’Ecole Supérieure de l’Hôtellerie ESHRA

Presentation of the event

The “EMAAR Event” will bring together real estate players and financing stakeholders, as well as insurance companies that will guarantee the transaction with future buyers or seekers of a Purchase / Work / Interior design / Equipment for residential housing or commercial premises, and this face-to-face in  one place.


Why should you take part in the exhibition?


By participating, you go into partnership with a strong and recognized brand and; you will

·        Ensure making your company’s profile visible: more than 10,000 potential visitors thanks to our communication experts.

·        Respond to the request of visitors looking for a Purchase / Furnishing / Equipment / Renovation of residential or commercial premises.

·        Discover the new market demand.

·        Increase your influence and enhance your brand.

·        Establish a privileged trust relationship with future buyers to reassure them.

·        Launch your new projects and showcase your achievements.

·        Promote your brand, your projects, and generate prospects.

·        Build partnerships and business opportunities.

·        Highlight your projects to the decision-makers of the province (wilaya).

·        Enjoy during 3 days the program specially developed for the players of real estate development, interior design & renovation in a context favourable to win-win meetings.

·        Create new links and increase your sales.

Application form to exhibit: https://emaarevent.com/reservation-stand/ 

Visitor registration: https://emaarevent.com/inscription-visiteur/ 

Contacts: https://emaarevent.com/contact/ 


Design and decoration

Location of the event

l’Ecole Supérieure de l’Hôtellerie ESHRA

The price of a square meter

dzd DZD

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EURL RH International Communication


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+213 556 15 30 11


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Lazzib  Oumamer Bejaia, Algeria