January 22, 2023 | 2 weeks ago

Three pilot wilayas for digitizing industry branches

The Minister of Industry, who presented this Saturday the outlines of the action plan of the Wilayas Directorates during 2023, according to the recommendations of the President of the Republic, has, among other things, emphasized the importance of digitizing the sector.


The Minister explained that in order to keep pace with the dynamics in the sector, it is imperative to put in place an information system that provides an overview of the sector.

He says the ministry is beginning to implement this approach at the central level before it is scaled up to the local level in 2023.

Mr. Zaghdar referred to the launch of a project to digitize the administrative activities of local directorates with a view to unifying the management methods of all services.

The Minister added that the aim is also to set up central databases to obtain information, particularly with regard to investors, while helping senior authorities to take the decision at the right time.

With regard to this digitization project, the Minister stated that three pilot wilayas, namely Boumerdes, Tipasa and Médéa, have been selected for the development of the necessary databases and digital platforms.

The operation will then be generalized to all wilayas, he said.

January 22, 2023 | algeria-logo