June 9, 2024 | 4 days ago

Industrial tomatoes: a record harvest expected in Guelma

The Agricultural Services Directorate (DSA) of the Guelma province anticipates a record harvest of industrial tomatoes for the agricultural season 2023-2024, with an estimated production of 2.456 million quintals.

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The forecasts of the DSA are based on technical data collected and field inspections carried out in the agricultural areas dedicated to tomato cultivation, clarified Rachid Rehamnia, the local director of agricultural services (DSA).

According to him, the harvesting campaign, which will begin at the beginning of next July, should be marked by "a good production, with an increase of about 1 million quintals compared to last season."

The agricultural areas concerned by the tomato harvest are around 3,063 hectares in the Guelma province, where the average yield is expected to reach 800 quintals per hectare, detailed Mr. Rehamnia.

He also indicated that the "favorable climatic conditions" have encouraged farmers to resume their activity after many of them had to stop producing tomatoes due to lack of irrigation resources.

He added that among the most significant positive indicators this year for the industrial tomato sector are the water-saving irrigation systems adopted by producers, such as the drip irrigation process used on 3,049 hectares, with sprinkler systems being used on only 14 hectares.

The Agricultural Services Directorate has started the necessary preparations for the harvesting campaign in the Guelma province, which has five tomato processing units located in the municipalities of Bouati-Mahmoud, El Fedjoudj, Belkheir, Boumahra-Ahmed, and Ain Ben Beïda, concluded Mr. Rehamnia.

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