November 24, 2022 | 2 days ago

Digital comes to Industrial Security’s rescue

Start-ups are mobilizing to support the development of the 4.0 industrial market by offering digital solutions to companies and factories. Some of these solutions are on display at Secura North-Africa 2022, which will be closed on Thursday at Palais des Expositions.

Farida Belkhiri
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Developing industry 4.0, as the government is striving for, requires not only digital security solutions, but also digital systems that protect these solutions against viruses, among other things. Innovative security solutions and systems that start-ups are working to develop and thus meet the new needs of the market. Taking advantage of the International Fire, Security, Safety and Emergency Exhibition, Secura North-Africa 2022, which will be closed today, at the Safex Exhibition Center, start-ups have promoted their latest innovation in solutions, to the benefit of private, public, and institutional companies.

At Secura, Algerian Electronic Technology Company presented two flagship products: a solution to locate, remotely control and secure vehicles and drivers while preventing risks, such as breakdown, and another to secure the entire perimeter of factories. This solution offers total visibility on infrastructure, allowing the detection of anomalies, fires, for example. The start-up Easydoo offers solutions related to geographic security systems.

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