September 17, 2023 | 5 days ago

Fertilizer Production: Asmidal sets targets

The use of fertilizers is a key factor in the development of agricultural production, and consequently in the consolidation of food security.


In this context, Asmidal, a subsidiary of Sonatrach group, sets ambitious targets for the production of fertilizers. These objectives should enable Algeria to go beyond self-sufficiency, which is already guaranteed as regards nitrogen fertilizers, but also to play a leading role on the international market. In this context, Asmidal CEO Mohamed Taher Heouaine said yesterday on the sidelines of the 5th National Congress of the National Union of Agricultural Engineers that the group aims to increase nitrogen fertilizer production to more than 12 million tons per year. The same official also pointed out that Asmidal’s current production meets 100 % of the national nitrogen fertilizer needs, while 70 % of the phosphate fertilizer needs are met, highlighting the group’s efforts to increase production within the company ‘Fertial’ in order to meet the national nitrogen fertilizer needs from next year.

It should be noted that Algeria exported around 7 million tons of fertilizers, or almost its entire annual production, because of the low needs of the national market due to the very low rate of exploitation of fertilizers by Algerian farmers. Algeria produces 3 million tons of urea, 2 million tons of ammonia and 2 million tons of treated raw phosphates.

September 17, 2023 | algeria-logo