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Renewable electricity generation in the South: Involving scientific research

With electricity generated from fossil fuel power plants, the towns of the Deep South are the focus of interest of Sonelgaz.

Fouad Irnatene
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Is the integration of solar photovoltaic energy into the energy mix of Algeria’s southern grids an ambitious energy transition scenario? Improved access to electricity in remote regions of Algeria’s Deep South Networks and reduced consumption of fossil fuels “are the subject of the integration of renewable energy sources for the production of renewable electricity and ensuring an energy transition”, underlines a study conducted by Dahmani Souria and Mouhoubi Aissa (University of Bejaia), as well as Kremia Walid, energy expert at Sonelgaz and Mouhoubi Moussa, Director of “ArmorGreen-Algérie”.

Published in the Review of North African Economies, the paper states that “PV solar technology is identified as the most viable technology to be encouraged because it is more cost-effective and pays for itself quickly.” This technology “corresponds most closely to the properties of the Southern region of Algeria, which attests to its inclusion and encourages the production of renewable electricity from solar sources.”

As part of the National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program, according to the study, SKTM, a subsidiary of SONELGAZ group responsible for renewable energy, has carried out a series of hybrid power plants in region of deep south in order to make traditional diesel-based systems profitable. “The hybridization of diesel power plants with the sun’s permanent resource makes an enormous contribution to reducing fuel consumption and thus ensuring an intergenerational resource economy,” the officials say. The integration of voltaic panel systems coupled with diesel generators in production sites is, according to the study, “a favorable option that offers many advantages and makes it possible to avoid power outages”.

Thanks to the focus on renewables, many isolated grids “operate on dual-energy hybrid systems.” As a result, “SKTM plans to install an additional 50MWp of power by 2030”.

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