September 17, 2023 | 4 days ago

Partnership: U.S. investors interested in mining and agriculture

The U.S. has shown a particular interest in mining and agriculture.


According to President of the Algerian-American Friendship Council, Mr. Chikhoune, American investors want to invest in mining. Phosphate, rare metals, gold and zinc were considered to be of interest.

Agriculture and its potential are business issues that attract close attention from American professionals.

In this connection, a consortium has been set up in the United States with a dozen experts, each in his own field, adding that members of this consortium will soon be visiting Algeria to meet their Algerian counterparts with a view to developing a partnership in the field of agriculture.

Mr. Chikhoune said that discussions had been initiated with officials of the State of Maryland, in particular the services of the US Department of Commerce, to carry out projects in the agricultural field, noting that this agricultural region near Washington has a port that can contribute to the development of trade with Algeria.

The discussions with Algeria focus on the invitation of American businessmen in the field of new agriculture and of representatives of agricultural institutes and universities to visit Algeria in the coming months in order to discuss with their counterparts in the Algerian institutes.

“The goal of these exchanges is to produce organic fertilizer locally and bring the latest technologies used in U.S. crops,” he said.

An Algerian business delegation visit to the United States will also take place during the first quarter of 2024, he announced, noting that the mission will visit Michigan, Chicago and Boston to visit sites in the automotive industry, new construction technologies and the pharmaceutical industry.

September 17, 2023 | algeria-logo