January 22, 2023 | 2 weeks ago

Wilayas (provinces) to be ranked according to their contribution to GDP

Walis will now have more prerogatives at their level. “You are the heads of government in your region”, the President of the Republic said to them last Thursday at the Palais des Nations where the 5th government-walis meeting was held.



This is another opportunity for the Head of State to reiterate his appeal to the walis to “take decisions, to show initiative and boldness”, and the State will ensure their protection.

The president’s satisfaction stems from the achievements of the last three months, which have enabled, among other things, 600-700 companies to start their operations by creating jobs “at a time when the global context is stagnating.”

These results will also have contributed to achieving growth of 4.1% in 2022.

The head of state, who has already begun to overhaul the prerogatives of walis, gets them understand that their duties place them at the level of a “head of government in their region, except when it comes to pedagogy and national defense”.

But for the president, more prerogatives mean more challenges, and for him in 2023 they will have to speed up achievements to participate actively in raising economic indices and, above all, to improve the living standards of the citizen, multiply basic infrastructure, support even more agriculture and small and medium-sized enterprises/industries (SMEs/SMIs).

“For President Tebboune, the wilaya is to create wealth, and the wilayas will be ranked according to their economic weight and their contribution to GDP. The competition among the wilayas is thus opened,” the official news agency reports.

January 22, 2023 | algeria-logo