September 16, 2023 | 5 days ago

Algeria launches call for tenders for maize and barley

Algeria recently called for tenders for the purchase of 80,000 tons of maize and 30,000 tons of barley for animal feed. The new order, issued through the National Livestock Feed Board (ONAB), follows an earlier one on July 18, to purchase 240,000 tons of maize.


This comes against a backdrop of lower maize prices, due to the abundant supply from Brazil and the beginning of harvests. Analysts estimate that maize prices could reach $167 per ton for Argentine maize, down sharply from May 2022, when the ton surpassed $300.

As for the ton of barley, the current quotations indicate a price of €219 from Rouen (France) for the 2023 harvest, compared to €202 for the 2022 harvest.

According to Reuters, which reports the news, maize is being requested in two 40,000-ton lots and barley in one, both between October 1 and October 15. Maize must come from Argentina and barley must be of optional origin.

September 17, 2023 | algeria-logo