January 23, 2023 | 2 weeks ago

Investment: Removal of constraints on 915 projects

The Director General of the Ministry of Industry, Bachir Kachroud, revealed that “constraints on 915 projects have been removed in various sectors, as well as the acquisition of a comprehensive information system”.


On channel 2, Kachroud said that “the Ministry of Industry services declared war on the bureaucracy, digitizing all departments for the good conduct of all administrations”, adding in the same context that “these measures gave hope to investors after the removal of obstacles on projects that were stalled due to administrative procedures, allowing 915 projects to be relaunched thanks to the meticulous work done by the competent authorities”.

In the same context, the guest of the radio explained that “a national commission has been set up under the direction of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry, which brings together various Directors General at national level and local committees at the level of the wilayas led by walis, and its role is to identify the reasons that led to the cessation of these projects and to find solutions to restart them”.

The same speaker pointed out that “the Investment Law has also restored confidence between the investor and the administration, freed investors from administrative burdens and laid the foundations for industry and wealth creation”.

He also said that “Algeria, like almost everywhere else in the world, now has an information system that allows it to exploit the data disseminated at the different platforms.” He continued: “The Department of Industry has put in place an information system that provides a comprehensive view of the sector in order to put it at the service of the national economy and public policy.”

In the same context, the guest of the radio revealed “the training of more than 220 executives specialized in strategic vigilance, whose primary mission is to capture the most important information and to make it available to the administration in coordination with the different facilities ”.

January 23, 2023 | algeria-logo