June 8, 2024 | 5 days ago

Benefits from South Korean certification. Made in Algeria is on the rise.

Sétif, now the stronghold of the electronics industry, is already shining across the country and the world. The capital of the Hauts-Plateaux is home to a megacomplex for white goods and household appliances, products that meet domestic consumption needs but are also set to be exported. This is confirmed by Djamil, the head of Sinova, the local partner of Samsung.

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At the inauguration of a new showroom in Tizi Ouzou, Djamil, the head of Sinova, Samsung's local partner, stated: "In 2025, we will begin exporting to Arab, African, and also European countries." He emphasized that the Sétif factory is Samsung-certified and can therefore export globally.

Currently, this fully robotic factory, operating under Samsung's latest technological standards, achieves remarkable integration rates. These range from 70% to 80% for refrigerators, 40% to 50% for washing machines, and 15% to 25% for televisions. Regarding the latter, Djamil noted: "Televisions are highly versatile products with constantly changing line-ups. Only a few global producers can boast a 50% integration rate in this segment." He also announced new product lines for the end of the year, including ovens, microwaves, and other household appliances.

Additionally, Samsung Algeria, through its partner Sinova, recently signed a partnership agreement with the country’s leading private bank, Société Générale, to enable Algerian citizens to purchase household appliances on credit. This initiative is expected to boost domestic consumption, as consumer credit is a powerful growth driver for the national economy and a regulatory tool. It will likely benefit the home appliance industry, strengthening ties between producers and Algerian consumers.

Following showrooms in Algiers and Laghouat, Tizi Ouzou now hosts a Samsung-standard showcase. "Tizi Ouzou welcomes our products today through our historical partner in the City of Genêts," Djamil proudly remarked.

In March, His Excellency You Ki-Jun, South Korea's ambassador to Algeria, visited the Samsung factory in Sétif. Accompanied by senior officials from Samsung and its local partner Sinova, he toured the facilities and observed their operations.

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