November 24, 2022 | 2 days ago

With the support of GIE Monétique, Macir Vie is committed to deploying electronic payment terminals throughout its national network

Macir Vie, with the support of GIE Monétique, today announced the commitment of the life insurance company to generalize electronic payment across all its sales channels by proceeding with the forthcoming deployment of electronic payment terminals (EPOS) in its network of branches in the national territory and by promoting online payment already in operation since 2017.


This announcement is part of Macir Vie’s ongoing efforts to digitalize its processes, in line with the recommendations of the national authorities, in accordance with the President of the Republic’s guidelines on the development of the national economy and the promotion of dematerialized payment.

To this end, Macir Vie, a life insurance company, will continue its commitment to the development of the digital economy with the primary objective of facilitating the Algerian consumer’s insurance journey and diversifying the means of payment available to him. Furthermore, the deployment of the EPOs also aims to contribute to the banking of the national economy.

With the support of the GIE Monétique, the regulatory body and central players responsible for promoting efficient electronic means of payment, the use of EPOs will be generalized and systematized throughout Macir Vie network.

November 24, 2022 | algeria-logo