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ALGERLIVA 2024: Quality and Expertise on Display

ALGERLIVA 2024: Quality and Expertise on Display at the 5th International Olive Tree Fair, featuring over 70 exhibitors, opened on Monday at the Palais des Expositions (SAFEX) in Pins Maritimes.

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ALGERLIVA 2024, extending until June 13, showcases the richness and diversity of olive production. From extra virgin olive oils and table olives to oil milling equipment, continuous production lines, and derivative products like tapenades and soaps, each exhibitor highlights their artisanal expertise.

Highlighting Olive Production Potential

Under the theme "For a Strategic Positioning of Algeria in the Olive Sector," the fair, organized by AXED Events in partnership with SM Global Agro, provides a unique platform to discover authentic flavors and traditional as well as modern production methods.

"The objective of this event is to highlight the potential of olive production, promote commercial exchanges, enhance and improve the organization of the olive sector, and raise awareness to improve production quality and increase yields," said Samir Gani, the event organizer. He added that it also aims to strengthen exchange opportunities between suppliers and potential buyers, noting the participation of foreign exhibitors from countries like Italy, Tunisia, and Turkey.

Annual Production Around 100,000 Tons

"The olive sector is expanding rapidly. Algeria has made significant progress in production, becoming very competitive in the international market. We have substantial potential to further develop this sector, needing increased investments and more planted areas," Gani stated, noting that annual production is around 100,000 tons. "With state encouragement and the Green Dam revival by the President, the sector will see future growth," he added.

Gani pointed out that several niches, such as the valorization of by-products (waste), remain untapped. "We only utilize 20% of the olive tree, while the rest, which has added value, is discarded," he noted, mentioning that olive pomace can be turned into charcoal. He stated that national producers aim to invest in and develop this niche.

Manafaa Wins Gold Medal in Berlin

At the stand of the National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA) of Algeria, researcher Malika Douzaine highlighted the sector's international performance growth, noting that many producers have won awards abroad. "The quality of production improves yearly, and olive growers are increasingly eager to enhance their knowledge," she said. Douzaine emphasized that INRA provides training and quality analysis services, expressing optimism about the sector's bright future and its development across multiple regions.

Sarl Manafaa of Maghnia, a producer of olive oil and table olives, won a gold medal at an international competition in Berlin, Germany, and aims to export to Libya and Canada.

Nathir Oil Mill Wins Gold in London

Nathir Oil Mill in Laghouat is also looking to export. Specializing in extra virgin and virgin olive oil, it won a gold medal in London for health category, another in Tunisia for organic oil, and a silver medal in Turkey. "We have introduced modern production tools and use cold extraction to preserve the nutritional and health benefits of the oil. We strive to improve quality," said manager Meziane Hadj Djilali. Although olive farming is not highly developed in Laghouat, the development potential is significant.

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