June 10, 2024 | 3 days ago

The 7th edition of the TexStyle Expo features a strong international presence.

Starting today, the 7th edition of the International Textile, Clothing, Leather, and Equipment Exhibition "TexStyle Expo" takes place at the Palais des Expositions d’Alger (Pins Maritimes). More than 170 exhibitors, including a significant foreign delegation, are participating in this event, which will run until June 12th.

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The exhibition brings together representatives from eight countries: Tunisia, Egypt, Italy, Turkey, China, India, Bangladesh, and Algeria. Among them, China and Turkey stand out for their significant participation, with 60 and 40 companies respectively. These two nations maintain important trade relations with Algeria in the textile sector, whether for raw materials or technologies.

Mohamed Amine Bekkouche, director of the organizing company, emphasized the importance of this event for economic actors in the sector. "TexStyle Expo" provides a unique platform for investors and economic operators active in various fields such as spinning, textiles, design, printing, clothing, leather, shoes, and accessories. The goal is to promote local products, establish new partnerships, and improve the competitiveness of Algerian products in the international market.

Among the exhibitors, the Algerian Textile Industries Company (Tayal), an Algerian-Turkish joint venture, highlights the diversity of its products and its production capabilities. Nassila Marniz, communications manager at Tayal, announced the imminent launch of a brand of locally manufactured cotton underwear, in addition to the range of trousers recently introduced in Oran.

Foreign exhibitors, such as the Tunisian company manufacturing accessories, see this exhibition as an opportunity to forge new partnerships in the Algerian market. Mohamed Amine Yakhlef, manager of an official distributor of a Chinese textile equipment brand, stated that the exhibition allows tracking global developments in the sector and presenting the latest innovations to local operators.

Therefore, "TexStyle Expo" emerges as a must-attend event for textile professionals and a showcase for innovations and international partnerships, thus contributing to the economic diversification of Algeria.

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