November 22, 2022 | 2 months ago

Zeghdar: $1.2 billion reduction in electric equipment imports in 2021

Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zeghdar, has revealed the development of a new strategy for the organization and development of the electrical industry sector, reports on Monday a press release from the ministry published on its Facebook page.


It depends on the mobilization of all players in these sectors and on the exploitation of all available productive capacities to meet the needs of the domestic market and on the progressive compensation of imports.

During his supervision of the opening of a national forum on energy efficiency in public lighting, Minister Zeghdar explained that the development of the electricity industry sector is a priority for his ministerial department because of its overall strategic dimension and also the capabilities and skills that qualify Algeria to be a pioneer in this field at the African level.

In this context, the Minister referred to the recent creation of the Electricity Industries Cluster, which should give a strong impetus and open wide horizons to this sector, which has a strong potential in the field of handling and an important network of companies of various sizes which can be multiplied by directing investments in all the missing links in the value chain of this sector, as it is considered one of the most creative branches of wealth and employment because of its interconnection with several industrial and economic activities.

In this regard, it revealed that the pace of Algerian imports of electrical equipment and inputs amounts to $3.5 billion annually, with the local industry operating in this sector having been able to offset $1.2 billion over the past year, as part of the strategy adopted.



November 22, 2022 | algeria-logo