November 22, 2022 | 2 months ago

Algerian-American Partnership: Ambassador Aubin speaks

The US Ambassador to Algeria, Elizabeth Moore Aubin, spoke on Monday about the Algerian-American partnership.


At a press conference at the US Embassy in Algiers, Ms Moore Aubin said that the area of security cooperation, joint efforts to combat terrorism and economic partnership are among the most important areas of relations between the two countries.

According to the APS news agency, "our security cooperation and our joint war against terrorism are the cornerstone of our bilateral relations, so both countries are working to secure stability and achieve prosperity in North Africa and the Sahel region."

On the economic side, Moore Aubin stressed the importance of continuing to develop the "strong partnership" between the two countries, stressing that "a hundred American companies operate in Algeria", in addition to significant investments in several sectors.

In the same context, it stated that the proposed air line between Algiers and New York, which "is currently at the stage of discussions between the two parties, is capable of strengthening the economic ties between the two countries".

As for tourism, the US ambassador expressed admiration for the tourist sites she visited in Algeria, adding that the number of American tourists would be high if a direct flight was opened between the two countries.

On the cultural side, Ms. Moore Aubin reiterated her country’s support for Algeria’s efforts to expand the scope of use of the English language, adding that the number of American cultural centers in Algeria would be increased to five after the American Embassy had obtained approval to open another center in the wilaya of Bechar.

The number of visas issued by the United States to Algerians increased in 2022 by 10% compared to 2019, the Ambassador said.

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