November 22, 2022 | 2 months ago

Self-Entrepreneur Statutes to promote young people's access to the labor market

ALGIERS - Yacine El Mahdi Oualid, Minister of the Economy of Knowledge, Start-ups and Micro-Enterprises, said on Monday in Algiers that the bill establishing the self-entrepreneur statutes would help to develop entrepreneurship and promote young people's access to the labor market through self-employment.


The new law will be able to reduce the number of skills that operate in the parallel market without social insurance by integrating them into the official economy, said Mr. El Oualid, who presented the bill to the members of the Economic and Financial Affairs Committee at the Council of the Nation, in a session chaired by Noureddine Tadj, President of the Commission, in the presence of the Minister of Relations with Parliament, Basma Azouar.


The bill, he explained, aims to regulate new economic activities that have emerged with the emergence of the knowledge economy and digital means that are not governed by any legal framework until now, such as the development of applications, e-commerce and community-management.

The Minister also highlighted the role that this bill will play in reducing the burden on start-ups by enabling them to call on independent entrepreneurs and exploit human resources among companies, or in facilitating the export of digital services.

Self-entrepreneurship is defined, according to the new text, as "an individual exercise of a profitable activity which is included in the list of eligible activities fixed by regulation", especially since the annual turnover of the self-entrepreneur does not exceed DA 5 million.

The Bill excludes, however, professionals, regulated activities and craftsmen from its scope.

The bill sets out the benefits to self-employed entrepreneurs, including simplified accounts, exemption from registration in the Trade Registry, preferential taxation, social security coverage in addition to the possibility of opening a commercial bank account.

On the other hand, the law imposes obligations on the self-entrepreneur, such as registration in the National Registry of Self-Entrepreneurs, declaration with the National Social Security Fund for Non-Employees (CASNOS) and declaration of existence with the tax authorities in order to obtain the Tax Identification Number (TIN), within 30 days at most, after obtaining the card of the self-entrepreneur.

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