November 22, 2022 | 2 months ago

National People’s Assembly: Presentation of the draft of the new Highway Code

ALGIERS - Minister of Justice Abderrachid Tebbi presented the draft of the new Highway Code to the Transport and Telecommunications Commission at the National People's Assembly (NPA) on Monday in Algiers.



"This new draft, which will replace Act No. 01-14 on the organization of road safety, has been finalized and is currently under consideration by the General Secretariat of the Government. It should be presented to the NPA during this parliamentary session," said the minister.

The Minister stressed that this bill will have to increase the fines and maintain the offenses set out in the current text, by revising their provisions through "the toughening of the penalties provided for" and by attributing a criminal character to certain dangerous acts, such as dangerous driving, in order to achieve the necessary coercive measures, in addition to penalizing certain other acts, such as the refusal to present identity documents to police officers.

The bill also includes "provisions that can strengthen the national policy on road safety, including those relating to improving the system for collecting and processing data on road accidents and improving the behavior of drivers", continued the Minister.


It also provides for "the introduction of additional penalties, including the training of the offender in road safety for a period defined by the competent authority, in addition to the possibility of confiscating the vehicle used in manslaughter offense ".

In this connection, the Minister stated that "the legislative provisions are supported by regulatory and practical procedures decided upon by the Government, including the establishment of a plan for the clearance of traffic lights throughout the national territory in addition to the use of the maps of the Gendarmerie and the National Security of accident concentration zones in addition to the adoption of tachometers for the transport of persons and goods and the compulsory presence of a replacement driver for long journeys".

In addition, Mr. Tabi gave a detailed presentation on the use of ICT in judicial and administrative management, including the development of the Intranet and the establishment of a back-up headquarters for computer systems, in addition to the development of automated systems for the management of the judicial file and the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).

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